A propellers pitch is measured in inch or mm

Some customers need a different pitch propeller and give us an angle they wish, without knowing that a propeller's pitch since more than 100 years is not measured in angle, but in inches or millimeters.

One degree of pitch at a given radius easily makes 100 rpm on the engine/propeller, so this is very important to know.
As pitch at propellers is traditionally measured in inches or millimeters, any desired angle needs to be specified at a certain radius of the propeller's diameter to make any sense.
If other propeller makers give you only the angle, that does not say anything about the pitch of the propeller and does not make them comparable to other manufacturers' propellers, as they might measure on a different radius. Actually many propeller makers of composite propellers give you an angle to disguise the real design parameters and to prevent you from knowing too much about your propeller. That way you get dependent on their advice and cannot make up your own knowledge-based decision.

To absorb the engine's power there may be more parameters that can be different, according to the design approach.

So if we talk about a propeller, pitch and width of blades will be different on a paramotor than on a higher speed aircaft, as well as angles at given diameters.

So if you need a different pitch propeller the best way is you simply use our Propeller Configurator for an individual design calculation and offer:


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