I would like to give special thanks to the following people

Ria Born, supporter and mother, in whose cellars the first propellers were manually produced.

My sisters Renate Born and Evelyn Fey together with their families, who guided my steps towards a career at an age at which I did not know yet which way to turn.

Norbert Schwarze, our first client who purchased for over 10 years propellers manufactured in series by us, for its propulsive unit Minimum.

Gerd Mühlbauer from MT Propeller for the trust they placed in us and their financial support, for the exchange of know-how and successful cooperation conducted for many years.

Hubert Jäger, www.adwin.de, who calculated the first propeller and developed free of charge the electronic system and the software solution for the first CNC milling machine for propellers and who gave us a significant amount of money after the fire in 2010 to get back on track.

Bernd Karl who took on the task of developing a special calculation program for propellers according to the theory of Larabee.

The family Ute and Georg Schumacher for their long-lasting support, both financial and moral, in difficult times.

The family Gerda and Reed von Maur for their quick financial support after the fire.

Elke and Peter Pröpper who repeatedly offered financial assistance.

Oana and Codrin Somesan and Razvan Hosu who invested their time after the fire in 2010 to dispose the waste and carry out the reconstruction works.

Ulrike Bräunig for the translations performed and Stephan Kaupa for the tireless services to elaborate the website.


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